These docs are for v6.6. Click to read the latest docs for v6.7.

## Opening a Graph View

If any Graph View has been saved, you can open by clicking on the 'Open' button:


Once clicked, a window displays your available Graph Views:


To open a saved graph view, simply click on the folder icon, and the view will be loaded.

## Editing a Graph View

You can modify the settings of a Graph View by clicking the 'Edit' button:


This opens a very similar window as the one when [Creating a New Graph View](🔗). Once you have made your changes, click the 'Submit' button. The Graph View is updated with your new configuration options, so you can review them. If no further changes are needed, click 'Save' or 'Save As' if you want to preserve your previous setup but also want to save these changes as a new Graph View.

## Sharing a Graph View

To share a saved view, you can either

  • click on the 'Share' icon in the 'Open' window as shown earlier

  • or click the 'Share' button:


The following window appears is displayed. You can:

  • bookmark this URL or copy it and send it by any electronic means available to other users

  • or save this view into your My Links menu.


## Deleting a Graph View

Click on the 'Open' button, and click on the 'bin' icon to delete the Graph View you are no longer interested in.