## Description

The Results-Sender forwards results on from the collector to the Orchestrator. It also provides a backup ability to store durable messages in case the connection to the Orchestrator is down.

## Dependencies

The Results-Sender requires access to the MessageQueue and Registry. Please make sure these packages are installed, configured and running before attempting to start the `opsview-resultssender process`.

## Installation

Refer to [Advanced Automated Installation](🔗).

## Configuration

The user configuration options should be set in "/opt/opsview/resultssender/etc/resultssender.yaml". Default values are shown in "/opt/opsview/resultssender/etc/resultssender.defaults.yaml", but changes should not be made here since the file will get overwritten on package update.

The following options can be set:

  • messages_ttl: Messages older than this will be discarded by the results sender.

  • results_in_queue: The message-queue configuration to receive results.

  • results_cache_queue: The message-queue configuration to send/receive messages when the out queue connection is down.

  • results_out_queue: The message-queue configuration to send results.

  • results_live_queue: The message-queue configuration to send messages to results-live (Acknowledgements and Downtime messages).

  • results_dispatcher_out_queue: The message-queue configuration to send messages to results-dispatcher for populating additional information.

  • registry: Connection configuration for the Registry.

  • logging: Component logging configuration.

### Additional Configuration

The results-cache-queue is defined to have an additional messages_ttl_secs setting that will remove messages from that queue.

This is set using the queue additional params (e.g: params: message_ttl_secs=1800)

## Management

### Configuration

#### DPKGs

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package, doing a remove would leave the watchdog service file behind with a .save extension. Purging the package will remove it. The package managed config files are as follows

  • /opt/opsview/watchdog/etc/services/opsview-resultssender.conf

#### RPMs

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package. Any modifications will be saved at upgrade and remove processes with the .rpmnew and .rpmsave extensions correspondingly.

  • /opt/opsview/watchdog/etc/services/opsview-resultssender.conf

### Service Administration

As root, start, stop and restart the service using: