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# Third Party Software distributed in opsview-monitoring-scripts-base

check_dnsblN/AN/AWritten by Ben Ostrowsky GPLv3: [](🔗)
check_netappN/AN/ACopyright (C) 2000 Leland E. Vandervort No license specified
check_tftpN/AN/AAuthor: Mathias Kettner GPLv2: [](🔗)
notify_by_googletalkN/AN/ACopyright 2007 Andrew Elwell GPLv2: [](🔗)
pagerduty_nagios.pl1.0[](🔗) Copyright (c) 2011, PagerDuty, Inc Custom License

# Third Party Software distributed with Opspacks

check_mssql_database2.1.2[](🔗) Copyright (C) 2017 Nagios Enterprises GPLv2: [](🔗)
check_netapp3.pl3.0[](🔗) Author: James Beal GPLv2: [](🔗)
check_openmanage3.7.12[](🔗) Copyright (C) 2008-2014 Trond H. Amundsen GPLv3: [](🔗)
check_oracle_healthN/A[](🔗) 2008-3000 Gerhard Laußer GPLv2: [](🔗)
check_vmware_api0.7.1[](🔗) Copyright (c) 2008-2013 op5 AB GPLv2: [](🔗)
check_windows_updates.ps11.45[](🔗) Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Christian Kaufmann, [[email protected]](🔗) GPLv3: [](🔗)
check_wmi_plus1.52[](🔗) Copyright (C) 2011 Matthew Jurgens GPLv2: [](🔗)