## Getting Started

Autodiscovery allows you to automatically discover and profile Hosts in your environment to quickly populate information into Opsview for monitoring. This feature is accessible from the Configuration > Autodiscovery menu.

You need to have CONFIGUREHOSTS permission defined in your [Roles](🔗) to access the Autodiscovery application.

The initial window below is the 'Scan Management' window; this is where scans are configured, viewed and deleted:


There are three stages to Autodiscovery:

  • Creating - configure scan settings to indicate to Opsview Monitor what to scan and how to pre-set how the discovered hosts should be monitored

  • Running - launch the scan to locate hosts and check for services

  • Validating and Importing - fine-tune the discovered host configuration in the Sandbox view and start actively monitoring the discovered hosts

Autodiscovery provides with three types of Scans

  • Network Scan

  • VMware Scan

  • Windows Scan

and provides with the ability schedule scan to automatically run at set times and intervals, so you can see if there have been any changes to your environment.