These docs are for v6.6. Click to read the latest docs for v6.7.

Why Aren't Disk Partitions Monitored

Find out how to resolve issues with your Opsview Monitor disk monitoring

Disk partition monitoring is controlled by Variables, which are are an advanced feature in Opsview Monitor. You can assign one or many Variables to a Host. You can also set Service Checks to use the Variables for a Host to create multiple services for monitoring. For example, you could have host A with 3 DISK Attributes (for Microsoft Windows servers use WINDOWS_DRIVE and the appropriate Host Template):

  • /var
  • /tmp
  • /etc

Using the 'Disk' Service Check from the ‘OS – Unix Base’ Host Template on a Unix or Linux server uses the DISK Variable to create multiple services; for each Host that has this Service Check associated, partition checks will be automatically created. So for host A, there will be 3 services created, one for each of the DISK Variables assigned:

  • Disk: /var
  • Disk: /tmp
  • Disk: /etc

Note: If a Host has no DISK Attribute defined then no partitions will be monitored with this check.

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