These docs are for v6.6. Click to read the latest docs for v6.7.

Sharing a Dashboard

Learn how to share dashboards with other users.

Sharing a Dashboard

To share a Dashboard with other Users, you must share it with all members of a given Role. This means if you have a Role called ‘NetworkAdmins’ that contains 1,000 Users, and you share a network-related Dashboard with the ‘NetworkAdmins’ Role, all 1,000 Users will be able to view that shared Dashboard, with read-only access.

To share a Dashboard, you can either right-click on the tab name or click on ‘Share my Dashboard’ button on the left-hand side, under ‘Dashboard’:


The displayed window shows the Dashboards you have created, along with who the Dashboards are shared with, whether any Users of the Roles you have shared the Dashboard with are using your Dashboard, and who in that Role (which Users) have added to their view.


Note: If the current user does not have CONFIGUREROLES, then the modal window with the list of shared dashboards will not list roles and will instead only have a checkbox to filter to the user's current role, or make the dashboard available to every other role.

Tick the checkbox for the Dashboard you wish to share and click on 'Select Roles':


Once the roles selected, click 'Save'. Other users from that role are now able to access the shared Dashboard. Note that you can also share the link to the Dashboard by sharing the URL or by email.


If a Dashboard is shared, a 'Shared' icon is added next to the Dashboard name in the tab.


Viewing a shared Dashboard

As another user, belonging to the role with which a Dashboard is shared, you can access the Dashboard with you from Monitoring > Dashboard, click on the "+" at the end of the dashboard tab.


A shared Dashboard is materialized with a padlock icon next to the Dashboard name.