These docs are for v6.6. Click to read the latest docs for v6.7.

Network Topology

Learn about Network Topology


Network Topology is a feature of the Network Analyzer module. This module is optional for on-premises customers but included with all Opsview Cloud subscriptions.

This feature requires SNMPv2c or SNMPv3 to be enabled on your core networking equipment and LLDP/CDP to be enabled on all devices. Additionally, this feature only supports network devices using IPv4 addresses, and does not currently support the ‘aes256’ and ‘aes256c’ SNMPv3 privacy protocol options, from Opsview 6.6.7.



Network Topology example screenshot

Network Topology is a feature in Opsview to get a diagram of your network topology based on neighborhood information from compatible devices that run LLDP/CDP.

To configure hosts and network devices to be scanned by the network topology feature, see Configuring Network Topology.
For viewing generated Network Topology maps and understanding the colors and icons used, see Viewing Network Topology.