Fixed Defects

A list of defects fixed in each release

This section lists general defects across the product that have been addressed in this version of Opsview Monitor.

Note that any fixes from previous release dates are rolled up into this latest release.

Update: 2 November 2022 - 6.6.10

OP-55020Netflow Security: Prevent API command injection (CVSSv2 8.5)

Update 6 April 2022 - 6.6.9

OP-51950urlize Plugin Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution (CVSS: 9.0)
OP-51988Negate Plugin Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution (CVSS: 9.0)

Update: 7 March 2022 - 6.6.8

OP-50137Bump Opsview Min Version to 6.6.7 for WMIC Opspacks

Update: 28 February 2022 - 6.6.7

OP-46827Opsview AES256/AES256c support
OP-47322MSTeams and Slack notifications don't include an icon/emoji for BSM notifications
OP-48831wmic due to fail on latest windows update due to DCOM hardening
OP-49385Implement NT node status UI
OP-50536Microsoft 365 service status checks now fail due to the API being deprecated
OP-50538Patch log4j security vulnerability with version 2.17.1 (CVSS 6.6)
OP-50926Update vSphere Opspack with version bump and supported Opsview/vSphere versions
OP-51043Investigate PowerShell script performance solutions
OP-51072Investigate Netflow ignoring incoming data
OP-51139Running network-topology-install.yml playbook alone fails

Release: 12 January 2022 - 6.6.6

OP-50777ProCheckUp - NetAudit remote code execution vulnerability (CVSSv2: 8.5)
OP-50538Patch log4j security vulnerability with version 2.17.1 (CVSS 6.6)
OP-50537RHEL7: Let's Encrypt certificates need update to ca-certificates
OP-50329Patch log4j security vulnerabilities (Highest CVSS v2: 10.0)
OP-50232Deployments broken on Machines without Cache Manager installed
OP-49919Fix package permissions for opsview-powershell
OP-49877repository-setup.yml fails on rhel-7
OP-49746orchestratorclusterhosts command line tool errors
OP-49670BSM notifications dont work for PagerDuty
OP-49113Debian 8 -> 10 upgrade causing increased datastore CPU & memory usage
OP-47375Disable TLS 1.1 on the Opsview-Agent
OP-46722Offline cluster - results are lost when cluster is offline

Release: 21 December 2021 - 6.6.5

OP-50329Patch log4j security vulnerability -
CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046,
OP-50055Cluster Health broken when run in different time zones (Only impacts 6.6.4)

Release: 24 November 2021 - 6.6.4

OP-46722Offline cluster - results are lost when cluster is offline

Release: 10 November 2021 - 6.6.3

OP-47963Host and service remain handled even after the downtime is cancelled
OP-48910Network Topology: Loopback address shows as separate node
OP-48761detect_neighbours doesn't fail when not passing "cmd" key
OP-48310Auth_tkt removal: NetAudit uses Session Manager permissions
OP-48309Auth_tkt removal: Reports uses Session Manager permissions
OP-48144"Microsoft 365 - Exchange - Email Activity" service check can return empty values
OP-45719Plugnpy doesn't handle negative numbers when specifying conversion factors
OP-45428Change output from vSphere datastore check
OP-37093Update Angular and dependent Node Modules

Release: 16 September 2021 - 6.6.2

OP-37751Interface Poller fails when 400+ interfaces selected
OP-42050Interface poller passive check failure when there are too many interfaces
OP-42116"Azure - Windows VM - Shutdowns" failing due to failure to parse datestring
OP-42242Broken images on host template icons
OP-43119Azure Zero Dimension/Timegrain Bugs
OP-43121Azure variables can be incorrect when upgrading to the new Opspack if Host Name in Opsview is not the resource being monitored
OP-44276Azure log analytics env setup broken
OP-44311Azure Elastic Pool automated tests are consistently failing when run in the pipeline
OP-46316Azure - Network Watcher - Connection Monitors check fails for problem states
OP-46421Azure Elastic Pool checks almost all failing with unhelpful error
OP-47143Not possible to add over 300 interfaces to a host because of an error when creating the auditlog record
OP-47229Authentication via OAUTH2 not working
OP-47666Fix Chrome 92 test failures in opsview-web-ui-ng