Changing when a Host is monitored

How to configure Host Monitoring duration

To change when a Host is being actively monitored by the Opsview Monitor software, simply modify the 'Check Period' field for the Host within the 'Advanced' section of the 'Host Tab' (Covered in Section 'Configuring a Host: 'Host' tab'.

First, navigate to the Configuration > Hosts page.
Locate the Host to be modified and edit the Host either by double-clicking on the Host's row or by clicking on 'Edit' within the contextual menu for the host. Within the 'Advanced' section is the 'Check Period' option:


In the above example, we have changed the check period for the Host from the default 24x7 to the newly created 'new_time_period'. Once you have clicked 'Submit Changes' you will also need to go to Configuration > Apply Changes to set this new modification to production so that the Host will only be monitored 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday.