Hey! These docs are for version 6.5, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Using Our Support Portal

If you have purchased an Opsview Monitor subscription you can raise an incident via our Customer Portal at http://support.opsview.com/

You will have been emailed your login credentials to the Customer Portal as part of your subscription set-up. To reset your password please visit the Customer Portal login page and follow the link.

The Portal Homepage

Once you have successfully logged in you will be presented with the following screen:


Tile Menu


This menu shows you useful links within the Portal, including:

  • Knowledge Center: where you can find more information about Opsview Monitor and other helpful documentation.
  • My Subscriptions: where details of your active subscriptions are stored, including how many incidents are remaining against each subscription.
  • All Incidents: a list of all your open and closed incidents with the Opsview support team.
  • New Incident: where you can raise a new incident with Opsview support

Navigation Bar

Across the top of the portal, there are also helpful links including the Opsview website, our Slack Community and a link to our Downloads page, where you’ll find a list of helpful downloads to improve your use of Opsview Monitor.

My Subscriptions


This area shows your subscription details, how many incidents (tickets) you have remaining, and your subscription renewal date. The 'Remaining Incident X/Y' count is applicable to Opsview Monitor SMB customers, and it shows how many incidents you have remaining out of the set total. If you use all your incidents up, you can purchase additional support incidents by logging into your account at http://www.opsview.com. All Enterprise and MSP subscriptions have unlimited incidents.

All Incidents


From here, you can see all your Incidents with Opsview Support, both open and closed.

Changing the View


You can change the view to see just open Incidents or your recently viewed Incidents.

Kanban View


You can now see your Incidents in a Kanban view, too.




When you click through into an Incident, you can see all the important information, including the subject, description and relevant Subscription information.

Leaving a Comment

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At the bottom of the Incident view, there’s a button to add a new Incident Comment, this will bring up a dialogue box which, when you’re done, you can just click save.

The public checkbox is for internal use and allows our support team to leave internal comments amongst the support team, any comment left by a customer will always save with the public checkbox ticked. That just means the comment is viewable to both customer and Opsview, nobody else!

Adding an Attachment


Also, at the bottom of the Incident is the option to upload attachments, either by dropping a file into the space, or by clicking ‘Upload Files’ and browsing your machine.

Creating an Incident

Either from the tile menu or the navigation bar, click ‘New Incident’.


Select Subscription


On the first screen, please choose the relevant subscription, and click ‘Next’.

Incident Details


Incident Type

Please select an Incident Type:

  • Bug
  • Problem
  • Feature Request
  • Question


  • S1 – Severely Impacted => Opsview Monitor System is severely impacted or completely shut down.
  • S2 – Limited Capabilities => Opsview Monitor system is functioning with limited capabilities or your Opsview Monitor system is unstable with periodic interruptions.
  • S3 – Minor Issues => Minor issues with the operation of your Opsview Monitor system.


Please provide a brief summary of the issue you're facing.


Please ensure you provide as much information as possible, including steps to reproduce the issue, error messages, and where the issue occurred if applicable.

Opsview Version

If you know it, please let us know which version of Opsview you're using.

OS/Arch Version

If you know it, please let us know which Operating System / Architecture you're using. For a full list of which systems we support, visit the Prerequisites Knowledge Article.

Number of Hosts

Please let us know how many hosts you're currently monitoring.

Uploading an Attachment


If your issue type is either a Bug, Question, or Problem, you’ll be prompted to upload the Opsview Diagnostics File​ or any other supporting attachments.

On the 'Monitoring Engine' tab, there is a button labelled Download Now, this will generate a diagnostic file with information about your instance of Opsview Monitor that will help our support team. Please run and attach the output file from Opsview Diagnostics. More information is available here.

If you have raised a Feature Request, you’ll have the option to add in any general attachments.

You can upload as many attachments as you like, either when creating an incident or on the Incident screen once it’s created.

Seeing Your Incident


You can follow the link in the final screen to be taken to your new Incident page.

User Profile and Account


You can see your User Profile (and upload a photo) on the My Profile Page:


And details of your Account on the My Account page:


Using the Search


You can also use the search bar to search for open or closed Incidents you have raised with Opsview.