Support Scope of Coverage

What our support covers, and what it does not

Covered by SupportNot Covered by Support
InstallationArchitecture and Monitoring Design
DiagnosisThird Party Service Checks [4]
ConfigurationCode Development
Service Checks included with OpsviewOperating Systems (OS), including an OS provided with Virtual Appliances [6]
Usage according to documentationPackage dependencies issues unrelated to Opsview
Bug Reports [1]Opsview Community / Core
Bug Fixes [1]InfluxDB [5]
Oracle MySQL 5.1, 5.5, 5.7 & MariaDB v5.5 [2]
High Availability / Disaster Recovery Configuration [3]

[1] In line with our published Opsview Support Policy
[2] MySQL / MariaDB must be packages made available to you by either your operating system vendor (for example, Red Hat) or the Oracle Corporation / MariaDB project. Please note, software issues specifically relating to MySQL / MariaDB are not supported outside of their operation as a database for Opsview; for example:

  • Replication issues resulting from a defect in the database application
  • Software application defects covered under your operating system support contract

[3] With the purchase of High Availability or Disaster Recovery component
[4] We will make reasonable efforts to assist where appropriate
[5] InfluxDB is a third party package provided by InfluxData. Opsview does not provide InfluxDB directly, instead,​ we provide a client component that is able to communicate with InfluxDB to query and store data. Opsview supports the use of InfluxDB 1.1.x and 1.2.x
[6] No Support or Warrany is provided for the Operating System Osview is installed or runs on, including a Virtual Appliance.