Hey! These docs are for version 6.5, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Fixed Defects

A list of defects fixed in each release

This section lists general defects across the product that have been addressed in this version of Opsview Monitor.

Note that any fixes from previous release dates are rolled up into this latest release.

Release: 2 November 2022 (6.5.11)

OP-55020Netflow Security: Prevent API command injection (CVSSv2 8.5)

Release: 6 April 2022 (6.5.10)

OP-51950urlize Plugin Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution (CVSS: 9.0)
OP-51988Negate Plugin Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution (CVSS: 9.0)

Release: 28 February 2022 (6.5.9)

OP-50536Microsoft 365 service status checks now fail due to the API being deprecated
OP-48831wmic due to fail on latest windows update due to DCOM hardening

Release: 19 January 2022 (6.5.8)

OP-50538Patch log4j security vulnerability with version 2.17.1 (CVSS 6.6)D
OP-50777NetAudit remote code execution vulnerability (CVSSv2: 8.5)

Release: 21 December 2021 (6.5.7)

OP-50329Patch log4j security vulnerability -
CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046,

Release: 21 December 2021 (6.5.6)

OP-47012SQL Injection possible in rest/snmptrap/debug (CVSS: 7.1)

Release: 9 August 2021 - 6.5.5

OP-42050Interface poller passive check failure when there are too many interfaces

Release: 9 June 2021 - 6.5.4

OP-38860Improvements to opsview-watchdog PID handling, required for faster environment recoveries
OP-41441Brief loss of navigator during an 'Apply Changes'
OP-43120Improvements to Azure Network Watcher documentation and configuration
OP-38138Upgrade of Ansible in opsview-deploy
OP-41373Passive Checks to inherit Time Period from the Host (rather than assume 24 hours)
OP-42051Upgrade check_cisco_ipsla
OP-42105Improvements to AWS opspack error messages
OP-42106, OP-43122Corrected opspack deprecation warnings
OP-43654Improvements to opsview-datastore performance on Collectors and the Orchestrator
OP-43658Revisit rules that govern what is classed as a degraded Collector
OP-43866Fix a bug where fallback to manual activation in the UI was not working
OP-44219Improvements to cluster health logic so Collectors recover much more quickly in the UI
OP-44228Improvements to security with handling MySQL passwords in deploy
OP-45691Autodiscovery - allow for disabling of ICMP tests for use in secure environments
OP-45839Autodiscovery - services/ports not discovered after the initial 5
OP-46009Display Monitoring Clusters in alphabetical order in the Host edit page, not by order of creation

Release: 7 April 2021 - 6.5.0

OP-38962Host/Servicechecks outside of their check period will have their previous state restored after dependency failure recovery
OP-43657Datastore using up available disk space in a very short period of time
OP-42366Flow collector rpc timed out dashlet errors
OP-41003Upgrade NFDump to fix multiple vulnerabilities
OP-43744Ensure database ID's generated by the opsview-orchestrator process in certain circumstances use the correct auto_increment_increment setting rather than increasing sequentially, to avoid creating problems with MySQL replication
OP-42731Fixed an issue with the opsview-result-recent process communicating to the MySQL database which resulted in messages not being processed in a reasonable time
OP-43466Fixed an issue in the UI where authenticated users would be logged out after 1 hour regardless of their activity
OP-39365Fixed an issue where check and retry intervals for SNMP Polling Servicechecks were incorrectly set to 0
OP-42418Fixed issue where SNMP - MIB II “Uptime Restart” check would display UNKNOWN status when
stale after receiving no passive updates, rather than the intended OK status.
OP-42745Enterprise customers who monitor a large number of devices will experience a loading time
improvement on the Navigator page
OP-36263Users will be able to have better visibility on Opsview Cluster and Collectors Health Status
and monitored host impact in the event of a monitoring operation disruption.
OP-38887Resolved an issue where CouchDB compactions were not working correctly causing disk usage
on Opsview Servers (Master or Collectors) to increase rapidly.
OP-28531Improve process to handle SNMP Trap user config when upgrading or re-deploying Opsview
Fix Schedule Downtime issues in situations when:

- After cancelling a scheduled downtime for an object, the object is still shown in downtime
in the Investigate window but the author and expiry time appear as unknown or blank

- Objects are not shown in downtime in the investigate window but they were scheduled to
be in downtime
OP-40386Fix Acknowledgement issues where an object appears to be acknowledged but the comment
and author appear as unknown or blank
OP-39836Improve database deadlock handling to increase
reliability and operational continuity of the Opsview Monitor System