Hey! These docs are for version 6.4, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Fixed Defects

A list of defects fixed in each release

Update: 28 Februaary 2022 (6.4.33)

OP-50536Microsoft 365 service status checks now fail due to the API being deprecated
OP-48831wmic due to fail on latest windows update due to DCOM hardening

Update: 12 January 2022 (6.4.32)

OP-50538Patch log4j security vulnerability with version 2.17.1 (CVSS 6.6)

Update: 21 December 2021 (6.4.31)

OP-50329Patch log4j security vulnerability -
CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046,

Update: 21 December 2021 (6.4.30)

OP-47012SQL Injection possible in rest/snmptrap/debug (CVSS: 7.1)

Update: 28 June 2021 (6.4.29)

OP-43658Revisit rules that govern what is classed as a degraded collector

Update: 18 May 2021 (6.4.28)

OP-43654Improve performance characteristics of the opsview-datastore process to reduce load on Collectors

Update: 15 April 2021 (6.4.27)

OP-43866Fixed a bug in the UI with automatic activations failing to fall back to the manual activation page in the event of an issue

Update: 9 March 2021 (6.4.26)

OP-43657Datastore using up available disk space in a very short period of time

Update: 15 February 2021 (6.4.25)

OP-42366Flow collector rpc timed out dashlet errors
OP-41003Upgrade NFDump to fix multiple vulnerabilities

Update: 2 February 2021 (6.4.24)

OP-43744Ensure database ID's generated by the opsview-orchestrator process in certain circumstances use the correct auto_increment_increment setting rather than increasing sequentially, to avoid creating problems with MySQL replication
OP-42731Fixed an issue with the opsview-result-recent process communicating to the MySQL database which resulted in messages not being processed in a reasonable time
OP-43466Fixed an issue in the UI where authenticated users would be logged out after 1 hour regardless of their activity
OP-39365Fixed an issue where check and retry intervals for SNMP Polling Servicechecks were incorrectly set to 0

Update: 7 January 2021 (6.4.23)

OP-42418Fixed issue where SNMP - MIB II “Uptime Restart” check would display UNKNOWN status when
stale after receiving no passive updates, rather than the intended OK status.
OP-42745Enterprise customers who monitor a large number of devices will experience a loading time
improvement on the Navigator page
OP-36263Users will be able to have better visibility on Opsview Cluster and Collectors Health Status
and monitored host impact in the event of a monitoring operation disruption.
OP-38887Resolved an issue where CouchDB compactions were not working correctly causing disk usage
on Opsview Servers (Master or Collectors) to increase rapidly.
OP-28531Improve process to handle SNMP Trap user config when upgrading or re-deploying Opsview

Update: 09 November 2020 (6.4.20)

Fix Schedule Downtime issues in situations when:

- After cancelling a scheduled downtime for an object, the object is still shown in downtime
in the Investigate window but the author and expiry time appear as unknown or blank

- Objects are not shown in downtime in the investigate window but they were scheduled to
be in downtime
OP-40386Fix Acknowledgement issues where an object appears to be acknowledged but the comment
and author appear as unknown or blank
OP-39836Improve database deadlock handling to increase
reliability and operational continuity of the Opsview Monitor System

Release: 28 October 2020

This section lists general defects across the product that have been addressed in Opsview Monitor 6.4 release.
Note that any fixes from previous release dates are rolled up into this latest release.

OP-37615Solved Test Connection functionality issues within NetAudit in cases where results were not displayed
Increased the restriction of the number of metrics/plots from 10 to 30 for Investigate
window, Graph Tab and Performance Graph Dashlets
OP-34619Graph refresh button will now work after zooming in and going back to the initial view
ODI-3156Adjust thresholds for self-monitoring result sender message queue Service Check
OP-37941New Host Template modal window has incorrect Tab and Field names
Resolve data issues within BSM database tables that were affecting the accuracy of BSM Reports
OP-37485Improve error message when Importing Monitoring Plugins, taking into consideration Security best practices
OP-37566Improved error messages across the product
Resolve general Dashboard sharing Issues
OP-38854Solved VMware Automonitor issues when trying to scan objects nested in folders
OP-39032Coreutils crontab entries will not be lost after upgrades
OP-39509Further improvements not to lose Coreutils crontab entries after upgrades
Fixed AutoMonitor issues encountered when populating variables and finding Opsview root Host
OP-38416As part of an optimised work of the Object Lookup within the Notification Profile, the following
issues have been addressed

A role with only NOTIFYSOME will now work correctly for notifications

Host notifications are now correctly removed, where a relevant service does not belong on it

See Release Notes - What’s New!, General Product Improvements
OP-31157Resolved an issue where the results-dispatcher was not clearing/refreshing its cache when
Applying changes
OP-24423When a Host or a Service Check has been created with the same name as a previously
deleted object, it will no longer inherit previous states
OP-37971Resolve issues where Downtime was allocated to the incorrect Host/Device
OP-39662Downtime Manager component improvements to avoid failures in situations where object_ids are
missing from Database
OP-39591Solved a REST API issue where Downtime could not be removed from Hots or ServiceChecks
using filtering
Solved issues where RPC requests were not entirely parallelized and carried out performance
tuning to improve the resilience of message queue
OP-37834In scenarios where Service Checks are in dependency failure and a manual recheck
is performed, returning a different state (e.g. UNKNOWN, WARNING or OK). The Service
Checks state will be set back to dependency failure in the next Service Check interval if
the dependency failure still exists
ODI-2523Solved issues with check_snmp_loadavg returning Invalid results
ODI-5966Addressed cases where some plugins were exposing sensitive information
Fixed encoding and result issues with Office365 - Exchange - Service Status Service Check
ODI-3579Solve Unicode issues with the Result Exporter Component
Fixed status resolution for Queue Bytes, Queue Count, Blob Availability and File Availability
Service Checks part of  the Cloud - Azure - Storage Accounts Host Template
ODI-5854Fixed unicode conversion error for Services Checks from Cloud - Azure - Health Availability
Host Template part of the Cloud - Azure Opspack
ODI-4825The following Cloud - Azure Opspack related Service Checks will have default threshold values
from this update onwards:
- Azure - VMSSVM - Percentage CPU
- Azure - VMSS - Percentage CPU
- Azure - VM - Percentage CPU
- Azure - SQL DB Managed Instance - CPU Percent
- Azure - App Service Plan - Percentages
ODI-4524A new variable (AZURE_COMPUTER_NAME) has been added to the following Cloud - Azure Opspack
related Service Checks to receive
the correct metrics values when a monitored Windows VM is part of a domain.
- Azure - Windows VM - Heartbeat
- Azure - Windows VM - Logical Disk Space
- Azure - Windows VM - Memory
- Azure - Windows VM - Processor Queue Length
- Azure - Windows VM - Processor Time
- Azure - Windows VM - System Uptime

Please refer to Cloud - Azure - Windows VMs Host Template documentation for more information.
ODI-3579Solve Unicode issues with the Result Exporter Component
ODI-4849Provide support for CacheManager component when TLS is not enabled
ODI-4979Performance Data will be parsed and graphed correctly for Service Checks with multi-line output
ODI-3719Contact variables will be now available to be used by the ServiceNow Notification
ODI-6266OS - VMware vSphere Opspack: The vSphere - Host - Health Issues service check
within the OS - VMware vSphere ESXi Host Host Template has been updated to now
correctly display the sensor type field for numeric sensors. Previously, every numeric
sensor listed would falsely display the type of the first sensor in the list. Additionally,
the VSPHERE_ESXI_EXPECTED_ELEMENT_ISSUES parameter has been updated to take
a list of names as a single record of RFC 4180 defined CSV format with wildcards.
This means that through quoting, users can now include element names that themselves
contain commas