Hey! These docs are for version 6.4, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Change Log

Learn how to use Change Log to track all Opsview Monitor changes in the Audit Log.

Change Log allows you to closely integrate your change control process with your Opsview Monitor system. Each system change provides a dialogue box which allows you to enter a brief description of your change along with your change reference which is then stored in the Audit Log for future reference.


Using Change Log

To enable or disable Change Log you will need to first enable it via My System. Please note that this feature is only available to users with ADMINACCESS.

Start by clicking on ‘My System’:


Select the 'Enable Changelog' check box on the 'Web' tab, followed by the 'Submit Changes' button:


Now when you make any configuration changes on the following pages, a Change Log prompt will appear:

  • Reload
  • Host and Host Group Organiser
  • Host Settings
  • Service Checks
  • Hashtag Settings
  • BSM Settings
  • Users and Roles
  • NetworkAnalyzer Settings
  • Variable Settings
  • Time Periods
  • Host Check Commands
  • Notification Methods
  • SNMP Trap Settings
  • Shared notification Profiles
  • Service Groups
  • Monitoring Servers
  • Modules
  • Host Template Settings
  • My System

The Change Log prompt will appear as follows, you can enter free text to describe your change; this text will then be displayed in the Audit Log. Click 'Save' to apply the change and commit your change comment to the Audit Log:


To view your Change Log comments, navigate to the Audit Log and you will notice an additional column has been added. This is where your Change Log comments will be displayed. If you chose to disable Change Log, the Change Log comments will be hidden.


You can search for a Change Log comment by clicking on the 'Changelog' column header and selecting the filter option and clicking the search button:


The Audit Log will now be filtered based upon your search criteria: