Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Endpoint for requesting details about Events


URL: /rest/event. This requires authentication. Requires VIEWALL or VIEWSOME permission.

  • GET - returns event data for requested objects
  • POST, PUT, DELETE - not implemented

An event is considered to be either:

  • a host or service changing state (eg, from OK to CRITICAL).
  • a host or service result during soft failures (eg, CRITICAL SOFT 1 to CRITICAL SOFT 2).
  • a host or service in a failure state where alert every failure is enabled.
  • an acknowledgement
  • a downtime start
  • a downtime stop (or cancel)

Access Control

  • VIEWALL allows all event data to be returned.
  • VIEWSOME allows event data to be returned for objects where permission has been granted for the service based on the access object selection.