Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Endpoint request information for 'detail'

This REST API returns detailed information about a particular host or service check.

URL: /rest/detail

  • Host: /rest/detail?hostname=X
  • Service: /rest/detail?hostname=X&servicename=Y


  • includehandleddetails=1 - if set, will return ack_author and ack_comment when a host or a service is acknowledged.
  • include_recheckable=1 - if set then the response will include recheckable=0 or 1 based on whether it is possible to recheck this host or service
  • include_handled_details=1 - will add ack_time with the time of the acknowledgement, if the host or service is acknowledged (also supports includehandleddetails=1 for historical reasons)
  • include_downtime=1 - will add the following to the response, if the host/service is in downtime (based on the downtime that will finish the latest):
downtime_end_time: 2234567890, // seconds since the epoch
downtime_author: "admin",      // username of author of downtime
downtime_comment: "Eng visit", // comment on downtime

NOTE: From version 6.0, the last_notification and next_notification details have been removed from the returned output as they are not relevant anymore


  • GET - returns data about the object. Requires VIEWSOME or VIEWALL
  • POST - set actions for the object. Requires ACTIONSOME or ACTIONALL
  • PUT/DELETE - unimplemented