Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Endpoint for acknowledging a host or service issue

Attributes required for setting an acknowledgement:

  • comment - free text comment regarding acknowledgement. The characters <>;\n will be stripped. Required.
  • notify - whether notification should be sent. Defaults to no.
  • sticky - whether the acknowledgement should be sticky or not. Defaults to no.

These parameters can either be specified in the URL or via input to the REST API. For instance, in perl format:

    comment => "Covered in ticket number 5675",
    notify => 1,
    sticky => 0,

If the same parameter is found as input data and in the URL, the input data has priority.
The author of the acknowledgement is taken from the user login information.
Acknowledgements are set asynchronously, so the REST API will return as soon as the acknowledgement submission is entered. There maybe a small delay before the acknowledgement is displayed in the user interface.
On successful submission of acknowledgements, the response will be of the form:

    summary = > {
        num_hosts = >....,
        num_services = >....,
    list = > {
        hosts = >
            id = >..., hostname = >....
        }, ],
        services = >
            id = >..., hostname = >..., servicename = >...
        }, ],

This reflects the number of hosts and services that this acknowledgement applied to.
In the event of a failure, the response will be:

    message => ...,
    detail => ....,

Where message will be one of:

  • Error validating acknowledge parameters.
  • No objects chosen for acknowledgements (this could also appear if the user does not have access to the objects specified).
  • Errors setting acknowledgements - some objects may have been acknowledged.
  • Error when searching for objects.