Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

## Description

The Opsview Datastore is a persistent NoSQL database. As of current release the datastore uses version 2.2.0 of Apache couchdb.

  • It may be accessed via http://<server_IP_address>:5984/_utils/#

  • the initial password is held within the opsview_deploy servers `/opt/opsview/deploy/etc/user_secrets.yml` file

## Dependencies

It uses our version of Erlang - `opsview-erlang`.

## Installation

Refer to [Advanced Automated Installation](🔗).  

## Configuration

We ship the `opsview-datastore` with the configuration tuned for high-performance. Any configuration overrides should be placed in a `.ini` file in `/opt/opsview/datastore/etc/local.d` directory.

## Management

#### Debians

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package, doing a remove would leave the watchdog service file behind with a .save extension. Purging the package will remove it. The package managed config files are as follows

  • /opt/opsview/watchdog/etc/services/opsview-datastore.conf

  • /opt/opsview/datastore/etc/local.d/custom.ini

#### RPMs

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package. Any modifications will be saved at upgrade and remove time.

  • /opt/opsview/watchdog/etc/services/opsview-datastore.conf

  • /opt/opsview/datastore/etc/local.d/custom.ini

Hostname changes

Datastore as an Erlang component doesn't handle hostname changes well - reconfiguration or reinstallation is required!

Opsview Datastore logs via syslog using local6 facility.

As root, start, stop and restart the service using: