Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

## Description

The Opsview AutoMonitor Scanner is used for discovering devices set up on your network for more easily adding monitoring of devices into Opsview

## Dependencies

It uses the framework provided by the [Scheduler](🔗)

## Installation

This component is deployed alongside the Scheduler component when installing Opsview Monitor.

## Configuration

The user configuration options should be set in `/opt/opsview/scheduler/etc/scheduler.yaml`. Default values are shown in `/opt/opsview/scheduler/etc/scheduler.defaults.yaml`, but changes should not be made here since the file will get overwritten on package update.

The following options can be set:

  • workers: The number of devices that may be inspected concurrently in a single scan.

  • concurrent_scans: The number of scans that may be run concurrently by the scheduler.

## Management

### Configuration and Service Administration

The AutoMonitor Scanner operates under the control of the [Scheduler](🔗).