Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Fixed Defects

A list of defects fixed in each release

Update: 23 November 2020 (6.3.19)

OP-41785Further Schedule Downtime fixes in situations when after cancelling a scheduled downtime
for an object, the downtime entry is correctly removed from the Schedule Downtime view
but the object is still shown in downtime in the Investigate window and the author and expiry
time appear as unknown or blank.

Update: 03 November 2020 (6.3.18)

Fix Schedule Downtime issues in situations when:

- After cancelling a scheduled downtime for an object, the object is still shown in downtime
in the Investigate window but the author and expiry time appear as unknown or blank

- Objects are not shown in downtime in the investigate window but they were scheduled to
be in downtime

Update: 22 October 2020 (6.3.17)

OP-40386Fix Acknowledgement issues where an object appears to be acknowledged but the comment
and author appear as unknown or blank

Update: 12 October 2020 (6.3.16)

Solved issues where RPC requests were not entirely parallelized and carried out
performance tuning to improve the resilience of message queues

Update: 20 August 2020 (6.3.15)

OP-40907Security improvements to ensure all access to CouchDB is restricted by authentication

Update: 10 August 2020 (6.3.14)

OP-31157Resolved an issue where the results-dispatcher was not clearing/refreshing its cache when Applying changes

Update: 30 July 2020 (6.3.13)

OP-39662Downtime Manager component improvements to avoid failures in situations where object_ids are missing from Database

Update: 23 July 2020 (6.3.12)

OP-40395check_opsview_updates service check will display the correct version of the system

Update: 16 July 2020 (6.3.11)

OP-38416As part of an optimised work of the Object Lookup within the Notification Profile, the following issues
have been addressed

- A role with only NOTIFYSOME will now work correctly for notifications

- Host notifications are now correctly removed, where a relevant service does not belong on it

See Release Notes - What’s New!

Update: 03 July 2020 (6.3.10)

OP-39591Solved a REST API issue where Downtime could not be removed from Host or ServiceChecks using filtering

Update: 18 June 2020 (6.3.9)

Fixed AutoMonitor issues encountered when populating variables and finding Opsview root Host

Update: 02 June 2020 (6.3.8)

OP-39509Further improvements not to lose Coreutils crontab entries after upgrades

Update: 22 May 2020 (6.3.7)

OP-38854Solved VMware Automonitor issues when trying to scan objects nested in folders
OP-39032Coreutils crontab entries will not be lost after upgrades
ODI-5854Fixed unicode conversion error for Services Checks from Cloud - Azure - Health Availability
Host Template part of the Cloud - Azure Opspack

Update: 06 May 2020 (6.3.6)

OP-38926To improve security TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 are now disabled by default for all back-end components.
To change these options, or set a custom cipher suite override the following variables in user_vars.yml:
- opsview_tls_versions_disabled
- opsview_tls_cipher_suite

Update: 27 March 2020 (6.3.5)

OP-37971Resolved issues where Downtime was allocated to the incorrect Host/Device

Update: 06 March 2020 (6.3.4)

OP-37932Resolved data issues within BSM database tables that were affecting the accuracy of BSM Reports

Update: 08 January 2020 (6.3.2)

ODI-4849Provide support for CacheManager component when TLS is not enabled

Release: 03 December 2019

This section lists general defects across the product that have been addressed in Opsview Monitor 6.3 release.
Note that any fixes from previous release dates are rolled up into this latest release.

OP-34793Solved rare cases where Datastore shards were filling up the filesystem
OP-34807Address occurrences where Reload Progress bar doesn't start and hangs on the screen
OP-31273Now Custom host icons are kept after migration
OP-31327During an In-place upgrade, rrd data gets migrated
OP-34301Improved performance for the History tab when retrieving the default 100 results
OP-32632Fixed issues with inconsistent collection plan generation for SNMP checks
OP-25795UI Improvement in Autodiscovery for the Exclusion List indicator
OP-33062syslog is not terminated anymore when logrotate is run
OP-34847Solved cases where Apply Changes modal window doesn't display Text Strings
OP-32589Handle passive checks with a "colon-number" (":0") in the check name or plugin output
OP-35491SSH tunnels from master to collectors successfully recover after collectors go offline
and come back online
OP-35335Fixed issues with Datastore views compaction
OP-22579Info Tab in the Investigate Window now includes Downtime and Acknowledgement details
OP-35908Watchdog consistently restarts between RPM and Debian package upgrades without failing
OP-35908Prevent upgrade errors due to watchdog stopped
ODI-3726Solved performance issues on Opsview Monitor and ESXi systems, when check_vsphere plugin
is provided with incorrect Credentials
ODI-2395General AWS S3 Opspacks fixes and improvements
ODI-3498Azure Service Checks improvements for logic on warning and critical thresholds
ODI-3939Solved Incorrect logic to determine certificates usage for check_vsphere plugin