Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!

Configuring NetAudit


To set up NetAudit within Opsview Monitor, you will need to configure the hosts to be audited as well as the email address that should be used to send notifications about any configuration changes for the given hosts.

Configuring a Host

For Opsview Monitor to back up the configuration file of a Host, you need to:

  1. Go to Configuration > Hosts
  2. For the chosen host, use the contextual menu and click Edit
  3. On the Host tab go to the Advanced area and set "Monitored By" to monitoring cluster that will handle NetAuditing.

Note: If you have NetAudit Collectors on separate servers, you need to create a Monitoring Cluster that includes these NetAudit Collectors.

  1. Go to the NetAudit tab and enable the 'Use NetAudit' checkbox and enter the relevant information in the fields that get enabled.

You can enable 'Use Autoenable' if your network device has the option configured.

Clicking on 'Test connection' allows you to view the log output of a connection attempt. If you encounter failures here, please re-confirm the authentication details before re-testing.

Note, if you are using Autoenable you will need to enter the enable password immediately after the password in 'Password:'. For example, if your telnet password is 'letmein' and your enable password is 'enpass', then in the Password field you would enter:

letmein enpass

  1. Click 'Submit' and your configuration is saved.
  2. Go to Configuration > Apply Changes menu to set this new monitoring configuration to production.

Setting up Notification Emails

Go to the Configuration > My System page and click "Options" tab where you can enter an email address for "NetAudit Notification Email".

If the email needs to be sent to more than one person, you need to use an alias.

Once done, click "Submit Changes" and make sure to go to Configuration > Apply changes to set this new configuration change onto production.


If you encounter any problems, please check the Troubleshooting NetAudit page.