Hey! These docs are for version 6.3, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 6.7!


Overview of how to use Auto-login

To facilitate automatic login into Opsview Monitor, a special user called "Anonymous-Guest" will be used so that if you hit the URL http://MYSERVERNAME].com/autologin, you will be automatically logged in as this user and taken to the Hashtags list page.

Take special care with the permissions that you assign to this User. If you delete the User, this will disable the auto login facility and an error page will be displayed.

If you want to use a link to a specific public Hashtag instead of to the Hashtags list page, construct an URL such using the following command as the opsview user:

perl -MURI::Escape -le 'print shift . "/autologin?back=" . uri_escape("/monitoring/#!/hashtags/detail?h=".shift)' http://opsviewserver.example.com HASHTAG

where you set your Opsview Monitor server address and the hashtag you want to call. This will generate the URL http://opsviewserver.example.com/autologin?back=%2Fmonitoring%2F%23%21%2Fhashtags%2Fdetail%3Fh%3DHASHTAG which you can then use as required.