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Before moving to Opsview Monitor 6.0

It is critical that you read this page BEFORE you start planning for your upgrade/migration to Opsview Monitor 6.0 as the steps to be taken vary depending on your current version of the software.

Please read carefully the documentation associated with the version of Opsview you are currently running and the methods available to start using Opsview Monitor 6.0.

New Installation

If this is the first time you are installing Opsview Monitor, please follow the steps in the Installation pages.

Upgrade or Migration

If your current version of Opsview Monitor is:

  • A version older than Opsview Monitor 5.4.2, then
    • we recommend that you first upgrade to 5.4.2 and then proceed to an in-place upgrade or migration as documented above.

Hardware Requirements

Please take note of changes to the minimum hardware requirements before upgrading.

Before moving to Opsview Monitor 6.0

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