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Who is Opsview?

An overview of Opsview, what we do and where we came from

About Opsview

Opsview provides software that organizations need to successfully monitor complex IT infrastructure and applications. With Opsview’s automated monitoring, advanced notification capabilities and in-depth reporting, IT teams can ensure service uptime and improve operational efficiency. With native support for more than 3,500 technology plugins and integrations with popular IT operations tools, Opsview Monitor easily deploys into existing IT environments. Opsview is trusted by hundreds of businesses, government organizations and service providers globally. Customers include Sky, Cisco, IBM, Telefónica, PayPal, British Telecom, Norfolk Southern, CIT, and AAA.

Opsview Monitor is provided in three plan versions - Enterprise, SMB and Free Plan. Each of these versions provides functionality most relevant to different types of organizations, consisting of large enterprises, managed service providers (MSP), small and medium businesses (SMB) and micro businesses or individuals. A comparison of the features of each version can be found here.

The product has a long history stretching back several years and was originally a fork of Nagios®. As a result, Opsview is 100% compatible with thousands of Nagios® plug-ins, meaning that we provide very comprehensive coverage of all the technologies in use by IT teams. In addition, we are continuously releasing new Opspacks to provide support for the latest technologies such as Azure, AWS, Openstack, Docker and many more.

In summary, Opsview delivers the software that organizations need to successfully monitor complex IT infrastructure and applications, on-premise or in the cloud. Opsview provides comprehensive coverage, rapid resolution and monitoring automation, making it easier for IT teams to ensure uptime, improve efficiency and complete more projects.