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Learn how to upgrade Opsview Monitor

This section outlines upgrading to the current version of Opsview Monitor from previous versions of Opsview Core and Opsview 4.x. Normal upgrades for Opsview Monitor (and any additional modules installed) can be performed using standard OS package commands. Any specific issues or notes for the upgrade will be documented on the Known Issues page.

Please Note: When upgrading to Opsview Monitor 5.0.x, please be aware that the following issues may affect you:

  1. Opsview no longer utilizes individual init scripts to start and stop services, as this functionality is now handled by the Opsview Watchdog. Please see this section for more information on how to use the Watchdog.

  2. MySQL's 'strict' mode is not supported by Opsview, and you should ensure this is disabled before upgrading please see this section.

  3. If you have copied opsview_web.yml to opsview_web_local.yml within /usr/local/opsview-web to add custom entries, please note that if you have copied over the entry "start_url: /status/hostgroup" to the 'local' file, this will result in an inability to login to Opsview's user interface after the upgrade. This can be avoided by removing this value from your opsview_web_local.yml file.

  4. Please ensure that /opt/opsview/jasper/etc/jasper.conf is backed up prior to the upgrade as we have seen some upgrades of the Reports Module where the package installation scripts incorrectly remove the Reporting configuration file, jasper.conf. This backup file can be copied back to its original location after the upgrade if required. This issue will be resolved in Opsview Monitor 5.1.

  5. You may need to execute the following command, as user root, to complete your installation/upgrade: /usr/local/nagios/installer/postinstall_root -p MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD -h MYSQL_HOST -P MYSQL_PORT

For more information on upgrades from specific versions, please refer to the following:

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Learn how to upgrade Opsview Monitor