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Shared Notifications Profiles

Overview of Shared Notification Profiles in Opsview Monitor

What are Shared Notification Profiles?

Shared Notification Profiles are very similar to Notification Profiles (Notification Profiles) in terms of configuration and how they work. The main difference is that a Shared Notification Profile can be configured centrally and then made available to all Users within a particular Role.

For example, you may have a team of Network Administrators who are within the Role 'NetworkAdmins'. These Users need to be informed via email whenever a CRITICAL error happens on a Service Check within the 'Network Devices' Host group. With Notification Profiles, you could create their Notification Profiles one by one ' this would be a rather slow process if there are a lot of Users.

Conversely, you could create a Shared Notification Profile which you then apply to the Role 'NetworkAdmins'. With this method, you can modify the Shared Notification Profile once, and it will cascade down to all Users who have it applied.

Shared Notification Profiles are not automatically applied to the Roles selected; i.e. if you create the above Shared Notification Profile for the NetworkAdmins Role, by default none of the Users within that Role will have the Shared Notification Profile applied. An administrator/the User will still need to go into their profile and select the Shared Notification Profile, to enable it for the User.

Adding a New Shared Notification Profiles

To add a new Shared Notification Profile simply navigate to 'Shared Notification Profiles' within the 'Settings' tab of the menu. This option is located on page 2 of 2.

Once clicked, the 'Shared Notification Profiles' list page will appear. Within this list page, you can choose to filter and sort the Shared Notification Profiles, add new ones and and edit existing ones.

By default, Opsview Monitor ships with a single Shared Notification Profile entitled 'Receive all alerts during work hours'. This can be deleted if required.

To add a new Shared Notification Profile, simply click on the 'Add New' button. This will load a modal window very similar to the one outlined in section 'Adding a new Notification Profile'. As such, we wont cover each field and configuration item here ' instead we will refer to the aforementioned section.

The main difference with the above configuration window compared to the configuration window for per-User Notification Profiles is the addition of the 'Role:' dropdown box, and the 'Users:' list.

The 'Role' dropdown allows you to determine which Roles' Users' will be able to use this new Shared Notification Profile. For example, if you select 'Administrator' then any User who has 'Administrator' as their Role will be able to add and use this Shared Notification Profile.

When Users do add the Shared Notification Profile, their Usernames will be listed alongside the 'Users:' row. This is to allow you insight into who is actually using this Shared Notification Profile.

Adding a Shared Notification Profile to One or More User(s)

Once the Shared Notification Profile has been added, you will need to actually add it to your Users of the specified Roles. To do this, simply edit the User via 'Settings > Users and Roles > Users' and navigate to the 'Notifications' tab, as below:

As you can see above, the default 'Receive all alerts during work hours' Shared Notification Profile is selected. A selected Shared Notification Profile means that is is 'enabled' for the User. To multiple select Shared Notification Profiles (i.e. 'enable' more than one), simply use the 'CTRL' keyboard button, or the 'SHIFT' key.

Once you have selected the Shared Notification Profiles you wish to add to this User, simply click 'Submit Changes', reload Opsview, and the User(s) will now be using the configured Shared Notification Profiles.

Deleting a Shared Notification Profile

To delete a Shared Notification Profile, simply navigate to 'Shared Notification Profiles' within the 'Settings' tab of the menu and click on 'Delete' within the desired Shared Notification Profiles contextual menu:

Once clicked, you will be prompted to confirm the action:

Once the Shared Notification Profile is deleted, a blank window is displayed:

Shared Notifications Profiles

Overview of Shared Notification Profiles in Opsview Monitor