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How to use the Graph Center in Opsview Monitor


Graph Center is a feature in Opsview Monitor that allows the rapid creation of graphs containing a large number of plots, with four to five clicks.

Within Opsview Monitor, graphs are generated based on the results of Service Checks. Service Checks must contain numerical 'perfdata' (performance data), in order to be graphed within the 'investigate mode' window, the Dashboard, and also the Graph Center.

To see if a Service Check is returning perfdata, use the 'investigate' option for the Service Check via its contextual menu from within 'Host Groups, Hosts and Services', 'Hashtags' or 'All Problems', which will load a window as shown below:

Within the investigate window, on the 'Info' tab is the row 'Performance Data'. In the example above, we are receiving perfdata for the 'Unix Load Average' Service Check on this particular host, which means it can be graphed.

To load the Graph Center, simply click on the 'Graph Center' tile within the 'Monitoring' tab of the overlay navigation menu:

Once clicked, the Graph Center will load:

Initially there will be no visible graphs, and the 'Tips' tour will be loaded which will walk you through the Graph Center and how to use the various features.

There are three main components of the Graph Center view:


The navigation options within Graph Center can be found in the top-left of the screen:

Within the navigation section, there are five options:

  • Configure: Create new graph views.
  • Save: Disabled unless a graph view is visible; this will save your graph view so that you can load it in the future. This will load a window asking you to enter a name and a description for your graph view.
  • Open: Load a saved graph view.
  • Share: Disabled unless a graph view is visible; share the CURRENT graph view. This loads a window containing a unique URL which when navigated to will display the graph view as it appears on your screen. To share a graph view that is not visible, click on 'Open' and click on the 'Share arrow'.
  • Legend: Disabled unless a graph view is visible; Opens the legend drawer on the left of the screen which contains a small square filled with the relevant color, and text explaining the name of the host associated with that colour.

Date range selection

The date range selection controls can be found in the top-right of the screen:

The date range selection controls allow you to change the start and end date of ALL graphs visible within the current view.

Graph View

The main section of the Graph Center is the 'Graph View'; the section where graphs are visible:

Graphs will be displayed within the view section. If there are nine graphs or less, Opsview Monitor will resize the graphs to fit them on the same view. When there are more than nine graphs, further tabs will be visible containing the additional graphs.

Graph Center

How to use the Graph Center in Opsview Monitor