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Opsview Monitor 5.2.1

Released: November, 2016

5.2.1 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the installation of Opspacks with supporting plugin files. In 5.2 the installation of supplementary files for selected plugins were being placed in the wrong location which impacted WMI, Cloud AWS and Hyper-V Service Checks. This issue only impacted new installations of Opsview Monitor 5.2 and does not affect customers upgrading to 5.2 from a previous version.
  • Fixed opsview-web response when deleting downtimes via REST API for a host or service without a start time or comment (SC: 14526, SC: 14546)
  • Only passive options are shown in the menu if the Host or Service allows passive results
  • Fixed SNMP Interfaces warning message where interface_number may not exist
  • Fixed XSS issue in Share My Dashboards grid

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Opsview Monitor 5.2.0

5.2.0 Features and Enhancements

Released: September 2016

With Opsview Monitor 5.2.0, we have introduced the following features and enhancements:

  • New Monitoring Plugins list page with the ability to browse existing plugins and import new ones
  • Users can now upload Opspack that they have downloaded from the Opspack Marketplace via the Host Templates page
  • Added the ability to sort by severity in the Host Groups, Host and Services page
  • Clicking on the Host state in in the Host Groups, Hosts and Services page is now a handy shortcut for selecting the Host
  • Clicking on the Host Group status in the Host Groups, Hosts and Services page will now filter by the selected state
  • Mass Actions (Schedule Downtime, Recheck, Acknowledgement, Set Host/Service State) has now been split into two views: Status Selection and Manual Selection. Status Selection allows you to quickly perform actions on Host and/or Services Checks in a particular state and Manual Selections allows you to further refine your Host/Service Checks selection
  • Timeseries processing is now done by separate packages which allows them to be placed on a separate server for improved performance (link to instructions)
  • MySQL Server v5.7 is now supported (NOTE: version v5.6 has not been tested).
  • Added the ability to toggle Hosts from the Graph Center legend
  • The BSM Service dashlet can now display components in a configured order
  • A default icon has been added for components when the Host Template does not have an icon set
  • Improved the layout of Host Test Service Checks edit page to clarify the use of exceptions
  • Improved Host Edit Service Checks tab to count the selected or inherited service checks
  • Included a Test button in the variables accordion for easy access to a list of all the variables used
  • My System's subscriptions tab now refreshes when re-activated
  • Graph Center configuration now supports selections made using the top level Host Group
  • Graph Center now saves the state of the legend
  • A count of the number of objects affected when making mass action changes has been added
  • A refresh button has been added to the Graph investigate tab
  • We have re-worked how long output text is displayed across the application
  • All grids will now scroll to top when changing the page number, but remain in the same position on a refresh
  • Plugin Help, Macro Help, SNMP Trap Macro Help and SNMP Trap Rule Example Help are now consistent
  • The requirement of setting password for the anonymous-guest user has been removed
  • Added Mass Set Host State to REST API /rest/status
  • If there are no performance metrics on your Opsview Monitor system a tooltip will be shown in Graph Center
  • Restored the Go To Host link for BSM Dashlets taking you to Host Groups Hosts and Services (SC: 12959)
  • Added -D/--data flag to opsview_rest for inline data
  • Added the ability to stop detailed error messages being sent in REST API calls. Default is now off for security
  • Added load mask on Service Check Investigate Graph tab
  • Made Graph Center legends more consistent with Service Investigate Graph tab
  • Schedule Downtimes now default to start now and end in one days time
  • The Hashtags view has been reworked and can now be filtered (SC: 13621)
  • A new role has been added to control global Dashboard sharing (SC: 13064)
  • A new check_zfs_usage plugin has been added, primarily for Solaris users (SC: 13302)
  • Our HTTPS host template has been updated to include a certificate check (SC: 13168)
  • Improvements have been made to the notify_by_victorops notification script (SC: 12992)
  • Add in RANCID role and split off access from ADMINACCESS (SC: 12410)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Graph Center share button behaviour
  • Restored ordering of Operational Zone and Number of Hosts in BSM components configuration
  • Fixed error in console when Enter pressed twice in Host Notes
  • Fixed issue where too many performance metrics on a single service would cause an error
  • Fixed color of the checker panel when collapsed
  • Fixed visual issue with cancel icon in search fields
  • Fixed minor tips bug in All Problems page
  • Fixed issue where a shared dashboard could be seen by other tenants (SC: 13604)
  • Fixed UI issue with misaligned text on shared notification profiles edit window
  • Fixed Access Denied message when running Test Service Check in Host edit Service Checks tab with TESTSOME access
  • Fixed various tours issues by removing the Back button
  • Fixed issue where less than 12 menu items would stop the navigation menu from opening
  • Fixed loss of BSM configuration in roles edit screen
  • Fixed minor UI issue with refresh button in Service Investigate Graph tab
  • Fixed REST API runtime/performancemetric where total was based on the full list, rather than the filtered list, and rows=0 returned everything
  • Fixed Autodiscovery setting incorrect check, retry and renotification intervals on import
  • Fixed an issue with SNMP Trap alerts whereby the SNMP Trap alert level does not stop alerts (SC: 13908)
  • Increase the number of attempts at starting the licensing daemon on startup
  • Increased the number of startup attempts for opsviewmd
  • SNMP Traps delivered via a proxy now come from the originating Host (SC: 13704)
  • Fixed the reporting of errors by notify_by_email (SC: 13715)
  • Fixed 'view host interfaces' to use SNMP max message size (SC: 13634)
  • Fixed case issue on RANCID collectors (SC: 13615)
  • Fixed the error logging for the AQL notification method
  • Fixed configuration issue with check_opsview_netflow_collectors error
  • Fixed issue with Atom links still pointing to legacy cgi pages (SC: 13556)
  • Fixed an issue which now allows changes to slave IPs on reload (SC: 13382)
  • Fixed an issue with missing debian package prerequisites (SC: 13388)
  • Fixed an issue whereby SNMP parameters for -e should be quoted (SC: 13008)
  • Fixed an issue which causes the wrong version of Java to be used by Jasper (SC: 12992)
  • Added an OID switch for check_snmp_netscaler_vserver (SC: 12693)
  • Increased the size of nagios_servicestatus ID column from INT to BIGINT (SC: 12956)
  • Added level 6 ifDescr tidying for use with Avaya Virtual Services Platform
  • Fixed 'undefined curargs' error on reload message (SC: 12561, 12499)
  • Fixed and issue whereby 'SNMP message size' and 'Modify ifDescr level' are nto taken into account when running 'query host' on the host SNMP page (SC: 12318, 13634)
  • Fixed an issue with content types for export of JSON and XML files
  • Fixed issue saving secured values in Variables edit window
  • Fixed issue saving Network Analyser collectors where netflow or sflow port numbers revert back to default


  • Removed ability to change master monitoring server
  • Removed comments and num_comments from REST API for /status/service and /status/host as Nagios comments are no longer used
  • Due to significant optimisations to the Runtime database schemas, the upgrade may take some time
  • Removed old /rrdgraph URL - /graph REST API should be used instead
  • Removed old Class::DBI classes for Runtime database, eg: Runtime::Host, Runtime::Hostgroup, Runtime::Services, Runtime::Searches
  • Removed Runtime tables opsview_contact_services, opsview_contact_hosts, opsview_contact_objects and replaced with opsview_role_objects
  • Removed unused tables in Runtime
  • REST API changed to remove macro_help from /rest/testservicecheck
  • SNMP Trap rules set up against a proxy may not work as before due to the traps being rewritten to come from the originating IP (using the SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB::snmpTrapAddress macro). Contact Opsview Customer Success for a workaround if you need the original behaviour
  • Removed one_time_token for logging into web user interface from REST API

To upgrade, see the section upgrading

What's New?

Discover whats new in Opsview Monitor 5.2.1