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My Profile

How to use My Profile in Opsview Monitor

'My Profile' is where you can configure settings that are unique to your own user profile. To access 'My Profile' click on the drop down icon just under your username within the top navigation bar, as shown below:

There are four tabs within the ‘My Profile’ window:

  • User: Covered in Adding a New User, these are settings relating to your user, such as password, language and more.
  • Notifications: Covered in Notification Methods, the Notifications tab contains items required for enabled Notification Methods to work correctly. For example, if you want to receive an email you must specify your email address within the ‘Email:’ field in ‘Notifications’.
  • Notification Profiles: Covered in Notification Profiles, these are your personal notification profiles, similar to Shared Notifications Profiles but unique to your user.
  • My Links: Covered in My Links, this is where you configure what links are shown on the My Links tab on the menu.

My Links

My Links enable you to add both internal and external URL's to Opsview Monitor that are accessible via the My Links section of the menu. My Links can be configured via My Profile (this section) and Share View, you are also able to select both an icon and a Name for these links.

To configure My Links via My Profile, start by clicking on the My Links tab.

Click 'Add New'

Enter a Name (that's unique) and URL (should begin with "http://", "https://" or "/") for your link.

Click on the icon, you will now be able to to choose your own from one of nearly 700 icons that are included within Opsview Monitor. You can also search for an icon by entering your search term and pressing enter. When you have found an icon, click on it to select it.

When you have finished adding your links, click Submit Changes.

Your newly added links will now be visible under the My Links section of the menu. Links that point to internal Opsview Monitor pages will open in the current window, external links will open in a new browser window.