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Known Issues

An overview of the known issues in this release of Opsview Monitor

The following issues have been identified to exist within Opsview Monitor 5.2:

Pause During Upgrade Process

Sometimes the upgrade process can appear to hang with the following message:

[ ok ] Restarting web server: apache2 ... waiting .
Reloading Opsview Watchdog

This will resolve itself if you wait long enough (typically around 10 minutes), but can also be fixed by opening a second session onto the server and running the following command as the "nagios" or "root" user.

pkill -f starman

The upgrade process should then continue within 30 seconds.

Reporting and Chrome Users

There is a known issue with Jasper Reporting for users who are using Chrome and have upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10. A workaround for this is to use an alternative supported browser such as IE11 or Firefox.

RPM Upgrade Issues

RPM platforms have been found to hang on upgrade due to an issue with watchdog and the new timeseries packages. In order to resolve this, the upgrade steps in section Upgrading CentOS or RHEL systems to 5.2.x should be followed

Timeseries graphing errors

There is a known issue for early 5.2.0 adopters where the following graphing errors can be seen in /var/log/opsview/opsviewd.log:

Timeseries ERROR: Unexpected EOF while reading response header at /opt/opsview/perl/lib/perl5/Opsview/Timeseries/Client.pm line 163.

This has been fixed in version of the opsview-perl package, available in the repositories. Please ensure you have the latest versions of both opsview_perl and opsview_watchdog packages. After updating, the 'opsview-timeseries' daemon will need to be restarted. As the nagios user, run:

$ opsview_watchdog opsview-timeseries restart

Graph Center errors when using IE11

In Graph Center using IE 11 and Edge, when >20 metrics are being used, some graph REST API calls will fail and show an "Error with network call" message, including a "Bad Gateway" error in a popup window.

This has been investigated and has been fixed in Opsview Monitor 5.3. It appears there is an issue in communication between IE, the Apache proxy and Catalyst. If you are experiencing this issue we recommend uprading to Opsview Monitor 5.3 or using the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

Rancid Module Dependency

Known Issue for installation on Ubuntu 16.04 please run these 2 additional commands after installation to fix a dependency issue.
apt install php7.0-xml /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Known Issues

An overview of the known issues in this release of Opsview Monitor