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Business Service Monitoring

Learn about Business Service Monitoring in Opsview Monitor

Business Service Monitoring, or BSM, is the advanced monitoring of Hosts and Services in Opsview Monitor – allowing you to group similar Hosts into Components, set resiliency on these Components, and add multiple Components together in order to form a top-level business service.

This allows you a much-enhanced view into your IT infrastructure – as instead of looking at your infrastructure on a Host by Host basis, your monitoring solution will understand resiliency, service / operational availability (SLA/OLA), and more.

You are also able to undertake actions against every layer of the business service, from the GUI. I.e. you are able to set downtime against every Service Check in the hierarchy with a few clicks; you will be able to acknowledge every problem in the ‘MySQL Cluster’ with a few clicks, add comments against business service’s, etc. In other solutions this would be done at a per Host/Service Check level, which is time consuming and prone to errors.

This section will cover the addition, modification and deletion of Business Services and Components, along with information on how to view and analyze the created Business Services and Components.