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Finding what you need in the Audit Log

The Audit Log can be filtered either by searching in the text box at the top of the table, or by searching using the contextual menus available via the column headers.

In the example below, I have searched for the word 'Starting'. When the 'search icon' or 'ENTER' button is pressed, the 'Activity Description' column will be filtered for Audit Log entries that contain the given string 'Starting', as below:

As you can see, the 'Activity Description' column is now highlighted purple to represent that a filter has been applied. To clear the filter, simply click on the 'Cross icon', as highlighted below:

To filter on the date range, use the 'Audit ..' radio buttons in the header as below:

*Filter the Audit Log for 'Last Day, Last Week, Last Month'

Filter the Audit Log for a specific start date / time and end date /time

There is also the ability to filter on the 'Username' and 'Category' columns, as below:

In the above screenshot, I have filtered for the username 'sam'. This will show only Audit Log entries that were generated for actions from the user 'sam', i.e. they have logged in, added a new Host, etc.

Filtering within categories can be achieved via the checkboxes available within the contextual menu, as below:

In the above screenshot, there are 4 categories available. These are:

  • ACCOUNT: A log in or log out event.
  • ACTION: An action change made to the system. Eg: downtime, acknowledgements, set states, notes
  • CONFIG: A configuration change in Opsview that requires a reload. (eg, host change is CONFIG, a notes change is ACTION). This is used to work out number of changes to show in reload page. This is the default category.
  • RELOAD: A reload of the Opsview Monitor software.

Once a category has been selected via the contextual menu the Audit Log will be filtered as below:

The header will turn purple, as above, to denote that a filter has been applied. To clear the filter, simply uncheck the selected box, i.e. 'RELOAD' in the above example.