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Creating a New Business Service

The creation, modification and deletion of Business Services and Components are done via the 'BSM Settings' tile within Settings, as shown below:

Once loaded, you will see a section similar to the one below:

The creation of a Business Service is very simple. First, give the Business Service a name. Secondly, add the Components. To do this, drag the Components from the 'Components Drawer' into the table.

In the example below, we have created a Business Service called 'Intranet' which contains three Components:

Simply click 'Create' and the new Business Service is added.

Creating a Component

To create a new Component, click on the 'Components' tab within 'BSM Settings', as shown below:

Once clicked, the Components window will load as shown below:

Within the Create new component section, there are seven fields:

  • Name: The name of the component, i.e. 'Apache cluster'.
  • Host Template: Specify the Host template here. This will filter the list of 'Hosts' available that can be added to the Component. All Hosts added to a Component must have the same Service Checks, to ensure the resiliency is correct. This is enforced by ensuring all Hosts have the same Host templates applied.
  • Hosts: Select the Hosts who you wish to be part of this Component. This list is filtered to display only Hosts that have the selected Host template applied.
  • Hosts Count: Shows the total number of Hosts selected.
  • Allowed to Fail/Required Online: These two sliders work in conjunction with one another; here you can set how many Hosts you require online (i.e. 'green'), or how many Hosts you are allowing to fail (i.e. 'red') before the Component changes from operational to offline.
  • Operational zone: The number of Hosts required online (i.e. 'green') in order for the component to be online -displayed as a percentage.

In the example below we are adding a new Component called 'Red Hat Cluster', which uses the Host template 'OS - Unix Base'. There are nine Hosts in the new Component, and the Component requires seven Hosts to be online:

Simply click 'Create' and the new Component is added and is ready for use within a new or existing Business Service.

Creating a Business Service

To create a new Business Service, simply click on the 'Business Services' tab within the 'BSM Settings' section:

Once loaded, you will see a section similar to the one below:

To create a Business Service, you must first create one or more Components (see the sub-sections for step-by-step information on how to do this).

Creating a New Business Service