Status - BSM - Component


REST API: /status/bsmcomponent

Used for BSM Component view.

Input parameters:

  • cid=X - Select based on component id. If not specified, return all components
  • bs_detail=TRUE - Default FALSE. If true, will returned BS information, otherwise returns basic information (to get a quick list for view)
  • ht_detail=TRUE - Default FALSE. Include host template name and id. Otherwise ignore (this is not dependent on bs_detail)
  • host_detail=TRUE - Default FALSE. Includes host information for each component.
  • bsid=X - Select components to those used by specified business service. If not specified, return all components. Implies bs_detail must be false


{ list: [{
    id: 73,                       // Component id
    name: 'MySQL Cluster 3',
    status: 'OPERATIONAL',        // or 'FAILED' or 'DOWNTIME'
    availability: 100,            // Amount of time that this component has been ! FAILED
    impacted: true,               // If the component is OPERATIONAL and there are failed hosts, then the component is impacted
    hosts_total: 6,
    hosts_failed: 4,
    hosts_acknowledged: 0,
    hosts_downtime: 2,
    acknowledged: true,           // Or false
    resiliency: 75,               // Resiliency of cluster as percent. Values from 0 to 100. NOTE: it may not coincide with a clear boundary - you should round down to the nearest boundary
    htname: 'Database - MySQL Server',
    htid: 56,                     // host template id
    has_icon: 1387383622,         // Returns 0 if no icon is set, otherwise returns timestamp of when icon was set
    hosts:{                       // This list is the same as StatusBsmHost.list({cid:73})
    business_services: {          // This is the same as StatusBsmService.list({cid:73,component_detail:0})
      summary: {...},
        id: 1,                   
        name: "Google Picassa",
        status: 'OPERATIONAL',
  summary: {
    success: true,
    total: 2