The policy used for maintaining Opsview Monitor REST API

We will mark particular aspects of Opsview as having an Application Programming Interface (API). This means:

  • We will publish documentation about the API on how to use it.
  • We will extensively test the API to ensure no regressions exist.
  • We will maintain the API and fix any bugs against it.
  • We try not to make unnecessary changes to the API.
  • If we make any changes to the API, it will be documented on this site.

From time to time, we may deprecate certain API functionality. This means:

  • We will not be adding any new features.
  • We will not fix any bugs against it.
  • We will mark documentation to say that it is deprecated.
  • We will remove the code in future.
  • We recommend new code is not developed against it.
  • We will provide a migration path to an newer API.