Rest API response format

If the request was successful, the response will be a status code of 200. If data is requested, this will be in the content in the requested format.

The response format for a single object is (in JSON format):

   "object" : { ... }

The response format for a list of items is (in JSON format):

    "summary": {
        "rows": "30",
        #This is the number of rows in the response.If this equals allrows, then you have all results 
        "page": 1,
        #Current page number 
        "totalrows": "100",
        #This is the count of all the rows based on the search parameters 
        "totalpages": 4,
        #Based on the pages and the number of rows per page, this is the total number of pages 
        "allrows": "153",
        #This is the count of all rows for this datatype(restricted by user access, eg hosts)
    "list": [{
            "ref": "/rest/config/servicecheck/47",
            "name": "/",
            "id": "47",
            "description": "Utilisation of / partition"

The object hash within a list is the same as a single object.

The value for the ref key provides a way of accessing the related object.