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It is critical that you read Before moving to Opsview Monitor 6.1 BEFORE you start planning for your upgrade/migration to Opsview Monitor 6.1 as the steps to be taken vary depending on your current version of the software.

Opsview Monitor 6.1 Released: 14 March 2019

Splunk Integration

The new Opsview Monitor Results Exporter component exports easily and securely high volumes of event data in realtime to Splunk and other SIEM/analytics platforms. Opsview Monitor Results Exporter provides a complete, easy-to-use toolkit for extracting, filtering, and reformatting raw data directly from Opsview Monitor's message queue, and forwarding it via HTTP to Splunk Enterprise Security or a host of other SIEM systems; via Syslog to log aggregation servers; to visualization and analytics stacks like ELK; or simply saving it on the local file system for storage or ingestion by other toolchains.

For more information on Opsview Results Exporter component installation, click here.
For more information on Opsview Results Exporter component configuration, click here.

Bi-directional Native ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow is a cloud IT Services Management (ITSM) tool used by many companies to track and notify users of IT related Incidents in the company. Opsview Monitor Integration with ServiceNow provides an easy out of the box configuration, allowing notifications from Opsview Monitor to be opened automatically as ServiceNow incidents and auto-resolved or closed them based on host/service status, all easily configured in the Opsview Monitor UI.

For more information about ServiceNow Notification Method configuration options, click here.

User Interface and User Experience Improvements

Opsview is committed to continuously improve Opsview Monitor users' experience. In this release, Opsview Monitor has improved readability and usability in general, it looks and feels more modern and visually consistent across different pages and modal windows.

Applying Configuration Changes Performance

Applying Configuration Changes is two to four times faster depending on system configuration. Enterprise customers who monitor a large number of devices will experience a significant improvement when Applying Changes.

Installation and Configuration Improvements

  • Opsview Deploy has been extended to support various automated checks to inform users of potential configuration and environment issues prior to the deployment.
    For more information on the Automated checks, click here.

  • Ability to increase timeouts for various execution steps from the default values
    For more information on timeouts configuration, click here.

  • In a distributed Opsview Monitor system, ability to run sync_monitoringscripts playbook to synchronize monitoring scripts on Collectors with the Orchestrator server.
    For more information about managing collector monitoring scripts and plugins, click here.

  • Opsview Monitor now supports syslog-ng for log messages.
    For more information about syslog-ng configuration in Opsview Monitor, click here.

What's New?

Discover what's new in this release

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