Opsview Knowledge Center

Using Our Support Portal

Lean how to use Opsview Customer Support Portal.

If you have purchased an Opsview Monitor subscription you can raise an incident via our Customer Portal at http://support.opsview.com/

You will have been emailed your login credentials to the Customer Portal as part of your subscription set-up. To reset your password please visit the Customer Portal login page and follow the link.

The Support Portal Home Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged in you will be presented with the following screen:

Dashboard Tabs

These tabs allow selection between the three main pages:

  • Home - where new tickets can be raised and your support entitlement information seen
  • Incidents - list all incidents as per the filter selected
  • Subscriptions - Detailed information on all purchased subscriptions

Subscription Information

This area shows your subscription details, how many incidents (tickets) you have remaining, and your subscription renewal date. To raise a new incident click the 'Create Incident' button. This will take you to a new page detailed later.

The 'Remaining Incident XX/YY' count is applicable to Opsview Monitor Pro Edition customers, and it shows that you have XX incidents left out of a total of YY. If you use all your incidents up, you can purchase additional support incidents by logging into your account at https://www.opsview.com. All Enterprise and MSP subscriptions have unlimited incidents.

Create New Support Incident Button

Click on this button to raise a new incident against the relevant software subscription.

Customer Profile Page

This page is used to amend your contact details and other settings such as timezone and locale. It is detailed later.

New support incidents

Severity Level

Mark the urgency of the ticket most appropriate to your situation. Guidance on the definition for each level can be seen by hovering the mouse over the Severity help icon. As the incident progresses our support engineer may change the level if appropriate.

Your System Details

You should fill out your current Opsview version number (if yours is not listed then please use the closest one available), environment (hardware and OS details) and number of hosts. This detail is stored for use for all incidents raised on this subscription, although the version and host count must be completed each time. We collect this information to help us resolve your incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Incident Type

Mark this incident as a 'Problem', 'Feature Request' or 'Question'.

Incident Details

The 'subject' should contain a brief overview of the problem, while 'description' should contain as much detail about the issue as possible, such as what page the error is seen on (including the URL) or how the situation arose. The greater the detail you can add here, the quicker our Customer Success engineer can solve your issue!

Add New Comment

This button allows you to put more detail onto the incident, or otherwise respond to a message sent by the Customer Success Team.

Incident Comments

A record of all comments added is kept over the history of this incident.
Clicking on either the incident number or subject will take you into the incident details page.

Subscriptions Dashboard

View Subscriptions

This page lists your support subscriptions.

My Profile

This page lists your details. You may change some of the details by clicking on the 'Edit' button, making changes and then clicking 'Save'.