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Support Policy

Learn about Opsviews Support Policy for Opsview Monitor.

Opsview supports all releases of Opsview Monitor for two years from the date of release, or the current release and the two prior releases, whichever is longer.

For example, if the current release is 5.4.x then 5.3.x and 5.2.x will also be supported as the two previous releases. If it was less than two years since 5.1.x was released, that would also be supported.

The currently supported versions are:

First Release
Earliest End of Life

Opsview Monitor 6.0.x

July 2018

July 2020

Opsview Monitor 5.4.x

July 2017

July 2019

Opsview Monitor 5.3.x

March 2017

March 2019

Supported means that security issues will be investigated, code updates will be issued and documentation will be updated.

Each release has a list of supported Operating Systems and Browsers. Please check the supported lists for each release:

Opsview Monitor 6.0 Supported Operating Systems and Supported Browsers Supported Browsers

Opsview Monitor 5.4 Supported Operating Systems and Supported Browsers Supported Browsers

Opsview Monitor 5.3 Supported Operating Systems and Supported Browsers Supported Browsers

Opsview Monitor 5.2 Supported Operating Systems and Supported Browsers Supported Browsers

We recommend you use the latest bug fix version for each release, for example, 5.4.1 rather than 5.4.0.

Deprecated Releases

These releases are deprecated.

Version Released Deprecated
Opsview Monitor 5.2 September 2016 September 2018
Opsview Monitor 5.1.1 May 2016 May 2018
Opsview Monitor 5.0.2 October 2015 October 2017
Opsview Pro and Enterprise 4.6 Mar-15 Mar-17
Opsview Pro and Enterprise 4.5 Apr-14 May-16
Opsview Pro and Enterprise 4.4 Jul-13 Oct-15
Opsview Pro and Enterprise 4.3 Apr-13 Mar-15
Opsview Pro and Enterprise 4.2 Nov-12 Apr-14
Opsview Pro and Enterprise 4.1 Jul-12 Jul-13
Opsview Pro and Enterprise 4.0 Apr-12 Apr-13
Opsview Enterprise 3.14 Nov-11 Nov-12
Opsview Enterprise 3.12 Apr-11 Jul-12
Opsview Enterprise 3.10 Nov-10 Apr-12
Opsview Enterprise 3.8 Jul-10 Nov-11
Opsview Enterprise 3.6 Feb-10 Apr-11
Opsview Enterprise 3.4 Nov-09 Nov-10
Opsview Enterprise 3.2 Aug-09 Jul-10
Opsview Community 3.1 Jun-09 Feb-10
Opsview Community 3.0 Feb-09 Nov-09
Opsview 2.14 Oct-08 Aug-09
Opsview 2.12 Feb-08 Jun-09
Opsview 2.10 Nov-07 Feb-09
Opsview 2.8 Aug-07 Oct-08
Opsview 2.7 Apr-07 Feb-08
Opsview Core all versions all versions

All Opsview Community versions (3.3, 3.5, 3.7, 3.9, 3.11, 3.13, 3.20120308, 3.20120424) are deprecated.

Deprecated Opsview releases will not be maintained by our development team. This means there will be no further code updates for these releases. Documentation may be removed and linked to our supported versions. We recommend you upgrade to a supported version.

This policy allows us to focus on current releases and developing new features.