Fixed Defects

A list of defects fixed in each release

This section lists general defects across the product that have been addressed in this version of Opsview Monitor.

Note that any fixes from previous release dates are rolled up into this latest release.

Release: 2 November 2022 - 6.7.6

OP-24136Monitoring pages - Refresh interval saved persistently
OP-43034NetAudit fails to process messages when culprit in the gathered config
OP-44544Allow for using role access in check_aws_cloudwatch
OP-45903Variable Validation field warning message incorrect
OP-46746Upgrade Jasper to latest and Tomcat to relevant version (CVSS 9.0)
OP-47063Revoking host groups view permission fails and user can still see host group in the navigator (CVSS:4.9)
OP-48227Host edit hosttemplate search functionality
OP-50991Network Topology map does not respect VIEWALL permissions correctly
OP-51966Grammatical error in context menu tooltip on Monitoring Collectors page
OP-53513Querying ESXi Host and Guest using vCenter Credentials only
OP-53812Network Topology - Restricted role has too much access to host information on topology map
OP-54084Error when querying recent versions of ElasticSearch
OP-54241NetFlow: New Stacked Protocol Dashlets
OP-55020Netflow Security: Prevent API command injection (CVSSv2 8.5)
OP-55108Host icon management not working properly
OP-55118Typo for new Network Topology permission (NTVIEWALL)
OP-55412Performance: improve response of opsview_flow command
OP-55413Add a TTL for Flow Collector requests
OP-55450Flow-collector: Better resilience when messagequeue restarted
OP-55548Flow-collector: Set specific collectors (rather than clusters) for manual load balancing via file

Release: 6 September 2022 - 6.7.5

OP-48906ProCheckUp: Privileged Administrative Functions Require No Password (High CVSS 7.0)
OP-51564Re-notifications not working after changes if no initial notifications were sent
OP-52201ProCheckUp - Apr 22 APP6 - Opsview Software Version Disclosure (CVSS: 1.8)
OP-53653Opsview Deploy: remove unnecessary WARNING when running setup-everything/opsview
OP-53939Notification Profiles "Method not allowed" bug when clicking "Objects Selected"
OP-53956SSO/OAuth2 login failure due to CSP violation
OP-53997UI Access Denied page keeps refreshing (every second)
OP-54140Passives getting stuck on results forwarder cache queue causing state changes not to happen
OP-54261sync monitoring scripts is causing plugin permissions to be broken
OP-54496Idle session timer gets stuck before logging out
OP-54562Jasperserver deploy fails when using Opsview managed database

Update: 21 June 2022 - 6.7.3

OP-49196Dataserver: Implement API endpoint parameter validation
OP-49679Some components missing basic self monitoring
OP-52106Excessive memory and CPU usage by webappserver
OP-52483Opsview Cloud and Monitor 6.7.2 PRE release activities
OP-52862Upgraded Jasper DB has incorrect user roles state, leading to Jasperstudio failures
OP-53020Clustered Acceptance tests failing due to passives going missing
OP-53429Host Modal Service Check testing is broken

Update: 6 April 2022 - 6.7.0

OP-50137Bump Opsview Min Version to 6.6.7 for WMIC Opspacks
OP-51972BSM expand tooltip drawn badly
OP-51897Autodiscovery scan fails for EC2 VA
OP-51776Check deploy doesn't notify for "Check for failed connections"
OP-51687MySQL RPM Repository key we use is expired
OP-51642check-deploy fails with load balancer errors
OP-51618MySQL APT Repository key we use is expired
OP-51458check_azure shows different tenant error messages intermittently
OP-51445Services fail to start on RHEL-8 due to mismatched glib version
OP-51139Running network-topology-install.yml playbook alone fails
OP-50940Steps for migrating Opsview 6 to new hardware can no longer be followed by users
OP-50910Public Deploy Wrapper not pulling down correct deploy version
OP-47772Remove HEAD suffix from version number in UI (My System: System Overview)
OP-477164 Loadbalancer tasks are taking 15 - 35 minutes
OP-47391Cannot query snmp devices where IfDescr is blank
OP-47322MSTeams and Slack notifications don't include an icon/emoji for BSM notifications
OP-46705check_k8 - METRIC UNKNOWN - 'dict' object has no attribute 'split'
OP-45837Kubernetes Opspack - multiple service checks failing for Azure Pods
OP-42096When Kubernetes is not running a number of service checks don't handle it nicely