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A list of defects fixed in each release

Released: 3rd August 2018

OP-26831 - Hotfix release for customers using Opsview Monitor 6.0 Early Adopter with Opsview Agent 5.x monitoring hosts on RedHat/Centos 7.


In an environment using Opsview Monitor 6.0 Early Adopter with Opsview Agent 5.x monitoring hosts on RedHat/Centos 7, service and host checks states may appear to be stale, due to the NRPE potentially returning binary data that cannot be parsed. The syslog throws an error such as [ERR] Dumping unparsable message.


RHEL7 no longer provides the lsb_release by default.
Only environments where the lsb_release is not installed are affected.
When running, the Opsview Agent declares a variable to which the output from the lsb_relase would be written. However, if the lsb_release command is not available this variable is not initialized, therefore returning binary data to the service check output. At term, the service/host check state is marked as stale. The results of the check are therefore unusable.


The delivered fix provides a solution for Opsview 6.0 Early Adopter to handle binary data.
Please follow the steps below to update your servers (Master and Collectors) with the fix.

  1. Download and install the package
    For Debian/Ubuntu
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install opsview-executor
    For RHEL/CentOS
    sudo yum install opsview-executor

  2. Start the Executor component:
    sudo /opt/opsview/watchdog/bin/opsview-monit start opsview-executor


There is no issue when running Opsview Monitor 6.0 Early Adopter with Opsview Agent 6.

Released: 25th July 2018

List of highly visible issues that have been addressed with this product update:

Usability Improvements


OP-22517 / OP-25944

Loading the Host Groups, Hosts and Service Checks page (Navigator) is now much faster.


Scrolling the host interfaces grid in Host Settings > SNMP tab is now much smoother.

OP-21615 / OP-21616

The UI performance when listing hashtags in the Graph Center has been improved.


The Search field in the top banner now provides the capability to search on host name, host address and description.


Clicking the Opsview Monitor's logo in the top banner now redirects to the user's home page.


Switching login accounts is made easier.


Links in notes are now clickable.


It is now possible to set downtime at the host group level when a role is restricted.


It is now possible to filter data from the BSM SLA report on selected states.


Hashtag investigate window now sorts by severity by default.


Audit Log columns are now resizable.


The Host icon is now visible to the left of the Host name on the Problems page.


Improved RegEx to provide a better UX when validating the hostname of host address fields on the Host Settings page.

OP-19390 / OP-19384

Dashboard - Netflow Sources Summary - usability improvements.


Deleting a given SNMP trace no longer stops all running traces.


Improved stability of the SNMP Polling functionality.


Macros are now available as environment variables.

Functional fixes


Downloading the Diagnostic from My System > Options is now working on larger implementations.


Incorrectly named xml files for LDAP groups are now skipped with warning instead of blocking the whole file process.


An issue with host variable encryption has now been resolved.


An intermittent issue that would display the hierarchy incorrectly in Settings > Host Group Organizer is now addressed.


Bulk Edit icons are no longer broken for rehomed instances.


Hashtags now show DOWN hosts in the summary page.


Filtering for HARD status Hosts and Service Checks on the Problems page now displays down hosts again.


BSM history in Runtime database is now closing properly. This also fixes duplicate entries in ODW database for hosts.


For existing users who do not have a Notification Profile, clicking 'Create new personal notification profile' no longer triggers an error.


The Host notes now display correctly in the Problems page.


The exported data is no longer duplicated when exporting from the Problems page.

OP-23355 / OP-19442

The export functionality is now fully working again from the Service Check Investigate Graph tab.


Force installing opspacks no longer wipes security wallet values