Creating a Custom Report with Jaspersoft Studio

Learn how to create a Custom Report with Jaspersoft Studio for use in Opsview Monitor

Jaspersoft Studio Support

Opsview Reporting Module currently supports the use of Jaspersoft Studio v6.11.0 - v6.19.0. Other versions may work but are not officially supported.

Jaspersoft Studio Documentation

Help regarding using Jaspersoft Studio is available at Jaspersoft Studio Documentation.

Connecting Jaspersoft Studio to the Opsview Reporting Module

To connect to your Opsview Reporting Module, select the icon in the top right of the “Repository Explorer” section, labelled “Create JasperReports Server connection”:


After clicking this, a window should appear where you can add the URL of your Opsview system. Note that this should use the https protocol, with no specified port number, and the jasperserver url path as below. Use your normal Opsview username and password:



At this point, you may be asked to trust the server certificate if using the Opsview self-signed generated certificates.

If the connection works, you should see the following message:


Now, you can click “OK” and then “Finish” to load your Opsview Reporting Module resources in the Jaspersoft Studio IDE:


Notes on using Jaspersoft Studio


Opsview User accounts with the REPORTUSER permission will be able to view a subset of the available resources when logged in via Jaspersoft Studio. This is read-only - they will be unable to publish changes.

Opsview User accounts with the REPORTADMIN permission will be able to view all available resources when logged in via Jaspersoft Studio, as well as publish changes into the Opsview Reporting Module.

Session Manager Configuration

Jaspersoft Studio will use additional sessions when making connections, which can cause the Session Manager to hit the max open sessions limit. To prevent this, we recommend increasing your max open sessions limit - see Login Session Limits for instructions. We recommend increasing your max open sessions limit by at least 2 for every individual Jaspersoft Studio client you plan to use.

Publishing reports or repeatedly using the “Test Connection” option will create a new session every time and quickly hit the limit. By default, idle sessions will timeout after 1 hour.

Open in Browser options

Several Jaspersoft Studio context menus under the Opsview Reporting Module connection have the option to “Open in Browser”. These will attempt to log in as the user who most recently logged into the Opsview UI itself in the browser used, not the user currently logged in to Jaspersoft Studio. To switch users if desired, simply switch users within the Opsview UI and retry the “Open in Browser” option. You can view the current active user in the top right of the page.

If you see a 401 response when “Open in Browser” is used, relog into your account via the Opsview UI and retry.

Running Reports

Running reports within the Jaspersoft Studio IDE is not currently supported. If you attempt to do so, you will see the following error message:


Instead, click the “Open the report in the external browser” icon to run the report:



See the general reports troubleshooting page at Troubleshooting Reports.