Adding Certificates to Your Mobile Phone

Learn how to add a Certificate to your mobile phone

If your Opsview Monitor system uses a self-signed certificate then you may need to add it you to your mobile phone so that no warnings will be raised. The instructions below are OS specific.

Note: You should not use self-signed certificates for production instances of Opsview.

Making the self-signed certificate available for download

On the Opsview Orchestrator server, as the root user, copy the self-signed certificate:

cp /opt/opsview/pki/ssl/ca.crt /opt/opsview/webapp/docroot/static/ca.crt
chmod go+r /opt/opsview/webapp/docroot/static/ca.crt

The rest of the instructions are phone OS specific:


  1. Install the certificate on your device using these instructions:
  2. Restart Opsview Monitor Mobile
  3. Login to Opsview Monitor Mobile


  1. Navigate to https://SERVER/static/ca.crt. Will get a prompt to download a configuration profile. Allow:
  1. Go to Settings > General > Profiles. This will list as a profile. Install this
  2. Enable this certificate to be trusted. Go to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings > Enable full trust for root certificates > Set to be enabled
  1. You can now log into Opsview Mobile without warnings.